Three Spring Road Trips for 2022

March 21, 2022

There’s nothing sweeter than planning that first spring road trip after another long, gray winter. But where to go? What to do? We found three road trip destinations that get a little extra (in the best way possible) when it comes to ringing in the spring.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Mount Vernon, Washington
This is exactly what it sounds like: an entire festival dedicated to enchanting, colorful tulips. Only instead of a dedicated festival grounds, this one requires you to drive around Skagit Valley to see the area’s various tulip crops. Though the accompanying events for 2022 have yet to be announced, the festival typically runs from April 1-30, and the surrounding area boasts a number of shops, museums, and places to enjoy delicious food and drink.
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The Willow City Loop
Fredericksburg, Texas
Speaking of driving tours to see beautiful flowers, March-May is the perfect time to visit Fredericksburg, Texas. The already spectacular landscape levels up as the many species of wildflower begin to bloom, adding splashes of vibrant color throughout the region. Drive the loop on a weekday to avoid weekend crowds, and spend your Saturday and Sunday exploring the area’s shops, dining, and nightlife.
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More Wildflowers!
Phoenix, Arizona
Sunshine. Warm weather. Plenty to do. Phoenix checks a lot of boxes for “ideal road trip destination.” But make the trek during these spring months and you’ll witness the beginning of Arizona’s infamous wildflower bloom, too. If you’ve been to Phoenix before, it’s a new, more colorful way to see the desert. And if you can’t make it during the spring months, don’t worry: the bloom continues through the summer months.
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