Low-Fuel Staycation Ideas

April 4, 2022

Risky weather + high gas prices = two great reasons to stay home. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun

Spring travel is always a bit risky because of the unpredictable weather, but the current high gas prices aren’t helping either. In lieu of spending a lot of money to get rained out somewhere special, we wanted to share a few low-to-no-fuel staycation ideas to help cure your cabin fever.

Date night in the driveway
An obvious and easy one. And while it might be more convenient to cook and eat a delicious meal in your actual home, your American Coach luxury RV is fully equipped to let you do the same with a slight change of scenery. Whip up an award-winning meal for two, open a special bottle of wine, then cozy up next to the fireplace and enjoy a romantic movie on your RV’s big screen TV.

Dinner with friends (also in the driveway)
Considering how spacious most of our American Coach models are, it would be easy to fit a few additional friends on board for a delicious dinner party. Whether it’s gourmet carryout or a meal you make together, your luxury coach has all the amenities you need to host a dinner party on wheels without ever hitting the road.

Neighborhood movie night
If your American Coach came with an exterior entertainment package, and the layout of your home allows for the perfect setup, invite the neighbors over to watch a movie under the stars! You provide the popcorn and candy. They can bring their own chairs and drinks to sip on.

Host a book club
If you aren’t already part of a book club, this one will take a bit of advanced planning. Find a few friends, agree on a book, then schedule a get-together on your parked luxury RV for after you’ve finished reading. Your spacious American Coach offers plenty of seating for everyone, and all the kitchen amenities you need to whip up some proper book club snacks and cocktails.

Stay local!
If our fully parked options just won’t cut it, then consider keeping your road-trip local-ish. Seek out an RV park in your city or state or boondock it in a beautiful out-of-the-way area. The change of scenery will make you feel like you’re on vacation, and staying somewhere closer to home means you’ll feel less pain at the pump.

What are your favorite ways to have a staycation with your American Coach? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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