When it comes to what makes a luxury brand—whether it’s watches, crystal, fashion or motor coaches—there are three key factors: materials, craftsmanship and legacy.

At American Coach, we only use top-of-the-line components and the latest technology and then follow rigid construction standards. That’s because we stake our reputation on both what we build with and how we build it. After all, we have a history we need to live up to—being the premier luxury motorcoach company. It’s what we’ve been for 30 years. And we intend to keep it that way.

Below are some of the features that set American Coach apart from the rest.


American Coach Exclusive Liberty Bridge® With Freightliner® Custom Chassis

We’ve created the preeminent motorhome foundation by partnering with Freightliner® Custom Chassis. The result is an incredibly strong structure that provides an exceptionally smooth ride. And thanks to its unique design, it also boasts some of the largest pass-through storage in RV history.

We then combine the Liberty Bridge® with additional innovations that make it even better.

I-Beam Construction
Our steel beams are molded in one piece, creating much stronger structures than the typical three-piece, raised-rail designs that can warp at the seams.

Huck Bolts
Considered the most reliable aerospace-grade fasteners available, these bolts are known for their strength and vibration resistance. Their fatigue lives are also up to 20% longer than other fasteners.

State-of-the-Art Materials &

Freedom Floor with HWH® Slide System

Up until now, it was virtually impossible to eliminate carpet in all areas—especially slideouts. But we’ve engineered a way to do it, meaning your beautiful porcelain floor can extend the entire length of your RV.

Select Drive

This premium steering system—which is especially helpful in bad weather—assesses driving conditions and relays them via the steering column. It provides features such as secondary assist, speed proportional assist and decreased noise.

Double-Wishbone Independent Front Suspension

Experience superior handling with this system, which uses dual wishbone-shaped arms to minimize roll and sway while allowing for a 60-degree wheel radius.

Ultrasteer Tag Axle

Following the ideal turning path of the front suspension, the UltraSteer tag axle gives you precise maneuvering and provides up to a 17% reduction in curb-to-curb turning radius.

V-Ride Rear Suspension

We use the first single-axle suspension rated at up to 24,000 pounds, meaning you can carry more gear without sacrificing ease or safety.

Premium Shocks, Brakes, Tires and Wheels

Custom-tuned SACHS shocks dampen the rigors of the road. Bendix disc brakes reduce fade and brake noise, and Michelin tires on aluminum wheels give you reliability and style.

Power Generator Slide

Press a button and the lower fiberglass front fascia opens up to reveal the front chassis components and generator for easy maintenance access.