Luxury Class A Motorhomes

American Coach motor coaches are built on a premium chassis with a custom selected luxury interior.


At American Coach, we only use top-of-the-line materials and our gear is no different. Represent your soul of freedom, shop now:

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A Legacy of Luxury

In a marketplace full of imitators, the American Coach reputation speaks for itself. For decades, we’ve earned the admiration of our most discerning customers, and it’s a reputation that we work tirelessly to uphold. Now, with the purchase of a new 2021 or later American Coach Class A luxury coach, you will receive membership in Platinum Experience.


Luxury with Heart and Soul

Innovation is our life force. Craftsmanship, our foundation. Patriotism, our identity. More than 30 years of continuous advancement has merged drive and inspiration, resulting in the finest motorhome experience in the world. We take comfort in your comfort, knowing that your journey will be taken not just safely but with supreme style and grace.

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