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October 20, 2020

It’s cooler on top.

No matter where you choose to travel, owning the premier motorhome affords you distinct advantages – especially as the weather turns colder. Whether extending the travel season or driving straight on through 2020, you’re traveling in the utmost of comfort and capability, surrounded by the materials, craftsmanship and legacy of American Coach. Cold weather travel capability means more time to enjoy at the top.

You’re now arriving at peak comfort.
With the changes in seasons, changes in temperatures trending downward, there’s no need to worry. The impressive basement storage, interior closet and storage space of your American Coach, is ready to swallow those big and bulky items to keep you prepared for any and all conditions. From the comfort of your heated floor and sealed slideouts, there’s always a warm retreat waiting with a book, a drink, a movie, or all three. Bring the warmth outside with a campfire in your favorite outdoor chair and a down-filled sleeping bag. We recommend you pack for the coldest conditions and layer to regulate warmth as the temperatures fluctuate. Also, be sure to pack extra blankets and comforters for guests to make them feel as at home as you are!

Your furry fam on the road.
No doubt there are many of you for whom your American Coach is also your pet’s domain, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Hitting the road with your best friends, furry or not, is the stuff of comfort in life’s journey. Making clever use of your coach’s cabinets, closets and storage space for toys and treats can make Fido or Felix’s home on the road more like the throne to their kingdom (and keeping non-slip bowls on the tile can make cleanup easier, too). Check our RVillage’s collection of quirky fun photos and novel ideas for treating your dog, cat (or even pig) like the royalty they are! And royalty gets the best security, like making sure their ID tags are current and correct before you leave that door open!

Extend that great RV feeling.
The premium materials and construction engineered into your American Coach make it uniquely well suited for cold weather camping: multiple high-efficiency heat pumps with full-length heat ducting, heated tile floors and meticulous attention to seals and insulation. In addition to these are also some time-tested cold-weather practices you can follow as temperatures fall. Most importantly, protect your pipes and tanks from the cold. Measures can include installing skirting around the base of your RV, to simple, common-sense practices like parking at the optimal angle relative to the sun to soak up those heat waves keeping you and your special companions warm during these next few months.

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