Spirited travels.

October 30, 2020

Make this season a thriller.

Making your travels in in the utmost of comfort and convenience is effortless in your American Coach. Read on for some recommendations on making it exciting as well.

Visit some legendary haunts
Perhaps you have plans for some scary delights this Halloween with some good friends or a binge of your favorite horror flicks from the comfort of your slideout. For the ambitious types, there’s plenty of luxury fright locations to see and be spooked by. That’s right, luxury horror by way of a visit to one of many haunted mansions scattered across the country. The Luxury Home Marketing blog lists a few of their favorites, along with a story as to how each became haunted. A few of these locations are even listed for sale if you wish to turn your fear fetish into real estate!


Family comfort: Tips for visiting and hosting loved ones.
Your American Coach is engineered and crafted with numerous features and functions to make cold weather ventures as cozy as possible. Prepare for maximum comfort, ahead of time. After all, the spine-chilling parts of your travels should only be reserved for the haunted house or at the climax of your haunted campfire story! Use the ample basement storage space and compartments to pack an extra table, plenty of camp chairs, thick blankets and pillows to make your guests feel extra cozy as the chill sets in. Also, as the days are shorter, make sure you have ample outdoor lighting to keep the fun going into the evening. If you’re visiting loved ones at their home, volunteer to host a dinner from your American Coach. With your fully equipped kitchen, you can use the gesture of preparing a bountiful banquet your home hosts will appreciate and thank you for.

Bonus: Most American Coach models have a super-secret storage compartment located behind the fireplace…a great cubby to hide sweet tricks and treats!

Keeping the cold at bay.
Depending on your geographic location, climate and intentions, you may be a southbound snowbird, a cold-weather conqueror or a part-timer who winterizes their American Coach. In the latter case, even if using a heated storage facility there’s a number of systematic steps you need to undertake to protect your investment from costly repairs and to restore proper function in the spring. Located in your Owner’s Manual are specific steps for proper winterization. A winterization kit is needed to perform multiple tasks, like emptying your tanks, adding antifreeze and using the air compressor set to the right pressure to blow out the water lines without damaging them. It’s a process that many owners choose to have their dealer or service center do for them.

Best option: Schedule a visit to one of our REV service centers and have the process performed by our factory-trained technicians.


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