Giving thanks with style.

November 16, 2020

Make November yours.

Taking traditions further is part of the American Coach lifestyle. Find inspiration this November by living out the stuff of dreams.

Where it’s at: November destinations

The formula couldn’t be simpler: Connect with family and friends, give thanks and find bliss in moments shared together.

Visiting with family: Gather together in luxury.
Enjoying the colorful fall vistas through the windscreen as you travel in your American Coach can be a prelude to arriving at a family destination and giving thanks. With the spacious slide-out rooms, you can even host in comfort while visiting. If the weather is mild enough, you can use both the inside and outside of your coach to offer up an outdoor buffet and indoor dining or vice versa. Extra tables, extra chairs, extra blankets all store nicely and ready for use. A cozy campfire with music, coffee, hot cocoa and a slice of pumpkin pie afterwards is the proverbial “cherry on top.” What are you most thankful for? Visit our Facebook page and tag us along with the hashtag #ACThankful!

Keep the weather at bay: Maintaining a clean and dry forecast in your American Coach.
Even though the weather might be warmer right now, it’s only a matter of time before it gets colder and wetter. With a few tricks up your sleeve (and the features on your American Coach), you’ll effortlessly keep the weather and environment where it belongs: outside. Plan your entranceway in stages, with a coarse outdoor mat to stomp off water and dirt, a mid-tray inside to take off shoes and boots, and a landing mat to step right into some slippers or indoor shoes. Leave the boots in the tray until dry (most moisture will evaporate quickly with the heater on). Inner boot dryers are an effective way to store and dry at the same time (they work for gloves and hats, too). Keeping back-up mats and trays in the lower basement storage is also a good idea, as you can swap them out easily to and keep your coach clean.

The Magnificent Mixer: Hot toddy ala American Coach
Although it’s gained a reputation for being a get-well beverage, the hot toddy is great for cozying up by the fire, playing card games or hosting a holiday get together. Let this hot toddy recipe keep you toasty while you enjoy the cooler weather.

  • Hot water
  • Whiskey or bourbon
  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Cinnamon stick


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