New Year’s REVsolutions

January 7, 2022

We know better than to make lofty New Year’s Resolutions we’ll never stick to. That’s why we encourage all of our American Coach family to make New Year’s REVsolutions, instead— six far more reasonable, easier-to-achieve promises that will ultimately lead to a better luxury RV life on the road.

  1. Plan ahead
    2021’s increase in both travel and RV ownership meant many of your favorite places felt a bit more crowded last year. For 2022, research slower times and seasons for your favorite places. Look for special offers to add a bit more exclusivity to your adventures. And most important of all, book campsites far in advance!
  2. Join the elite Owners Club
    If you haven’t already, the American Coach Association Owners Club lets you connect with fellow American Coach owners to enjoy the good life together. With more than 1,800 members across the nation and 10 regional chapters, the Owners Club keeps you in the know about exclusive events, technical tips, insurance discounts and more. Get the most out of your American Coach experience and join today.
  3. Attend more American Coach events
    In addition to the Owners Club, we participate in tons of rallies and events across the country. (Up next: The American Coach Association National Rally in North Carolina on May 19!) Building a road trip around one of these will allow you to meet fellow luxury RV owners and build friendships that can last a lifetime. Keep an eye on our events page to see where we’re headed next.
  4. Make service & maintenance a routine
    This may be the least exciting REVsolution so far, but it’s the most important. Routine service and maintenance is what keeps your American Coach performing like new, which means you can enjoy life on the road without worry. Schedule an appointment with one of our amenity-rich service centers today.
  5. Share with us!
    You live a life of luxury, and we want to live vicariously through you. This coming year, share your adventures with the entire American Coach community. Post a photo or two on our Facebook page, and tag us in your vacation posts on Instagram!
  6. Keep enjoying the good life
    The most important promise you could make in this new year? Keep on living. Savor every adventure, seeing the country with friends and loved ones. Enjoying the finer things in life. Making every moment count.

Have a 2022 REVsolution of your own? Share it with us on our Facebook page!

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