Extra Fresh Air on the Open Road

April 11, 2022

American Coach owners flourish in freedom and live in luxury. These are the standards we set for our motorhomes and the standards we abide by with every single design detail. Even down to the luxurious lavatory.

Beyond the quartz countertops, skylights, deluxe hardware and hardwood finishes, every American Coach now comes equipped with a UViaLite Air Purification System. This new technology offers a chemical-free solution for keeping your RV cleaner and greener.

UViaLite effectively purifies the air in waste holding tanks – eliminating odors and killing mold, bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus) with the power of UV light. Meaning it won’t pollute groundwater or wreak havoc on your septic system like the traditional odor-masking chemical solutions of the past.

The maintenance-free UViaLite system might not be the first thing you notice when you step inside an American Coach, but that’s exactly the point. Go out and enjoy every adventure on the open road to the fullest and freshest.

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