Take a Hike! (And Bring the Pup)

April 14, 2023

Nowadays, it seems our pets are more like real members of the family who come EVERYwhere with us. When traveling down the road in your coach with your pups, make sure they’re getting enough physical activity. One great way to work in some movement (for you, too) is to explore some local hiking trails during your adventures on the road. Here are some handy tips for hiking with your doggo:


Consider fitness levels.

Hiking can be an excellent exercise for both you and your dog – just make sure you’re aware of your mobility and stamina. Pick trails that are easy enough for you both to complete without straining or becoming too exhausted. Hitting your target heart rate is great, but pushing yourselves too hard is not!


Know the terrain and surroundings.

Make sure you’re prepared for weather, terrain changes, and climate when setting out on your hikes. It’s always better to be prepared with extra drinking water, rain gear, appropriate shoes and sunscreen. Also take a map or make sure you can access your GPS if you’re not familiar with the trails.


Make sure the trails are pet-friendly.

Some hiking trails are also multipurpose for mountain biking, so you’ll want to watch out for cyclists and not just other hikers. Keep your dog on a leash, and make sure the trails are actually designed for canine companions. If you do encounter other dogs, having yours on a leash will make others more comfortable.


Clean up after yourselves.

Lastly, you should leave the hiking trails as you found them – clean and litter-free. Bring extra waste bags and clean up after your dog. Nobody wants to step in anything along the way! 


Hiking with your dog is a great way to get some fresh air and explore nature together!

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