Summer Entertaining Ideas on the Road

July 9, 2021

One of the most exciting parts of living the luxury RV lifestyle? Meeting up with fellow coach travelers on the road. We compiled a few ideas to help you be the consummate summer host while on an American Coach adventure.

One of the best parts of living the luxury RV lifestyle is meeting fellow coach travelers. If you’re running out of ideas for entertaining on the road, check out the list we compiled.

Movie Night
This one requires a little investing and a lot of planning, but after a long day of sightseeing or outdoor activity, there’s nothing better than watching a movie with friends under the stars. Snacks are the easy part: Unpack some candy, chill some wine, and put those onboard induction burners to work making popcorn for the whole gang. On the tech side of things, we bookmarked this New York Times article. It does a great job outlining everything you’ll need to create a true moviegoing experience.

Game night
If no one’s in a mellow mood, invite some fellow travelers over for a friendly competition. You’ll need a good table, some lighting or candles, and a game or two. For board games, we stand by Load Questions (and depending on the crowd, Adult Loaded Questions) as a guarantee for hours of laughter. But if card games are more your speed, we suggest you impress your friends with one of these artist-designed card decks.

Flights of Fancy
This one requires a bit of advanced planning, but is absolutely worth it. Connect with your fellow travelers before you both hit the road and tell them to bring along a few bottles of whatever adult beverages their hometown is famous for. Pack a dozen or so sample-sized glasses, as well as some Post-Its and a magic marker to label what’s what. Meet up, share, and enjoy! It’s like ordering a beer or wine flight at a local tavern, but this one’s curated by and enjoyed with the people you love most.

Thrill them with the grill
Forget hamburgers and hot dogs. If your luxury coach travels take you somewhere ocean-adjacent, consider using the area’s fresh seafood instead. Empress of Entertaining Martha Stewart shared this step-by-step guide to grilling oysters and clams and honestly, we’re forever changed. Invite your travel pals over for dinner, tell them it’s a cookout, and get ready to knock their summer socks off.

We want to hear how YOU entertain friends when you’re out with your American Coach. Post your favorite ideas on our Facebook page and share it with the entire American Coach community!

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