Out of This World Travel Destinations

May 10, 2022

If you’re looking for vacation ideas that don’t include the typical park settings, outdoor activities, and tourist attractions, do we have a list for you. These four destinations let you and your American Coach RV see the planets, walk moon-like surfaces, and learn more about life beyond the stars.

Griffith Park Observatory
The easiest way to add some outer space to your next road trip is to visit a city with an observatory, and for our money you can’t go wrong with the Griffith Park Observatory. It’s a stunning building and campus, admission is free, and it’s smack dab in the heart of Los Angeles, which means an endless list of things to do when you’re done looking at and learning about the stars.
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Kennedy Space Center
History buffs and space nuts alike should point their RVs towards Merritt Island, Florida, home to the legendary Kennedy Space Center. You could easily spend a week working your way through all the attractions, from exploring the actual equipment used in missions to learning about the history and even going through some astronaut training yourself! And if you time the trip right, you might be able to catch an actual space shuttle launch while you’re in the area.
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Craters of the Moon Monument and National Preserve
If you want a vacation destination that feels like another planet entirely, look no further than Idaho. Specifically, the Craters of the Moon Monument and National Preserve. According to an official website, “the monument preserves around 53,500 acres of volcanic formations and lava flows on the northern rim of the Snake River Plain in south central Idaho.” The result is a wonderfully weird terrain that you’ll never forget.
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Roswell, New Mexico
We couldn’t make a list of out-of-this-world destinations without including one of the most famous of all. Nestled in scenic southeast New Mexico, Roswell is a tourist treat, offering plenty of UFO-centric features and attractions, as well as plenty of non-UFO offerings. And if you head there July 1-3, you can attend the UFO Festival, which this year celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Roswell Incident.
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