Meet The Design Minute

April 7, 2021

Check out the first episode of our brand new video series “The Design Minute.”

Join Interior Designer Mindy Cox as she showcases the textures, colors, materials, and contrasts found in the American Tradition 37S that make every American Coach RV the new standard in mobile luxury.

Design Features:

  • Trendy white cabinetry
  • Luxurious bedding with light fabrics and a touch of shimmer
  • Extra room on each side of the bed to tuck the bedspread in beside the night stand
  • Glass tile backsplash around the bathroom sink
  • Spa feel pebble shower floor
  • Fully tiled shower accented with glass and stone
  • Polished chrome faucets and fixtures
  • Natural light through skylight in the shower

Can’t get enough of Mindy?
Episode 10: How do you personalize your American Coach? See how Mindy makes the 2022 American Dream feel like home.
Episode 09: Watch the decor boards come to life in the 2022 American Dream in Navy Pier.
Episode 08: Behind-the-scenes look into the interior design process through decor boards.
Episode 07: Showcasing a porcelain spa shower to an adjustable, articulating king mattress in the master bed and bath.
Episode 06: Showing the design process through the curved look to the ample storage throughout.
Episode 05: Featuring updated flush floor slides and seamless polished porcelain tile throughout the motorhome.
Episode 04: Detailing American Coach’s partner, Samsung, and their high-tech and stainless appliances in the kitchen.
Episode 03: Displaying how luxury detailing and thought is put into the bathroom of the American Tradition.
Episode 02: Featuring the American Eagle 45K kitchen quartz countertops to the farmhouse sink.
Episode 01: Showcasing the textures, colors, materials, and contrasts found in the American Tradition 37S.

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