How to work from home… or Coach.

September 21, 2020

Now when business beckons, you can answer from anywhere.

Mixing business with pleasure
Even if the days of being tied to a desk are in your rearview mirror, there’s still work to be done. With a motorcoach, you don’t have to sacrifice your plans to manage your responsibilities. There are many ways to seamlessly and successfully integrate an “office away from the office” into your “home away from home.”

Eliminate distractions.
A stunning view is one of the perks of working from a park, but outside noise can be unwelcome. Consider using a collapsible laptop desk to create a computer space in the co-captain’s seat, where you’re more insulated from sound. The adjustable features of a captain’s chair make it more ergonomic as well. Headphones further silence interruptions, and can help keep your videos and calls private.

Protect your posture.
The work-from-home movement means more standing desk choices than ever. Search out laptop carts, tripods or lecterns, which can typically be used seated or standing. Their slim profile makes them simple to store and casters offer easy movement.

Get organized.
A full-size filing cabinet might be impractical in a motorcoach, but archival storage file boxes are lightweight, portable and come in attractive styles meant to be seen. A footstool or ottoman with built-in storage can hide supplies such as paper and envelopes. And ample storage options in your American Coach make it easy to dedicate a kitchen drawer to pens, pencils, scissors and stamps, sorted with a flexible divider.

Contain the cords.
Perhaps the most unsightly part of any office is the mess of cords powering your technology. But work-from-home solutions can ensure clean lines and prevent tripping hazards. From simple plastic cord management boxes, to beautifully crafted hat boxes, to wooden wine crates with hidden cutouts to cover routers and cables—there are lots of options for attractively concealing the necessities behind the scenes.

Let there be light.
Task light is essential to avoid eyestrain. A reading light can clamp on to your screen or a nearby surface to illuminate your mobile office. Or you can install a simple puck light to brighten your favorite quiet nook.

Work with the walls.
Make the most of vertical space in your motorcoach by mounting pegboard or corkboard. A sleek wire wall organizer with a hook system for lightweight baskets can contain the office clutter, and you can hide it with an attractive curtain when the workday is done. With that, you’re ready to step out the door and explore!

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