Good Luck? Good Luxury.

March 15, 2021

Hitting the road this spring? Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day from the elevated comfort of your American Coach. We put together a quick list of recommendations to help you bring some mobile luxury to your festive road trip.

Scenic and Green-ic
First thing’s first: Give yourself a view. Ideally something lush and green. Choose a favorite nearby destination, or get ambitious and seek out some of the more picturesque parks and RV resorts in the country.

A Five-Star Feast
If you’re like us, the food is one of our favorite parts of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Bring those flavors with you on the road with this elevated corned-beef hash recipe from Bon Appetit. Cook the bulk of it before you hit the road, reheat it to perfection with your built-in stainless microwave convection oven, then prepare the eggs fresh on board.

Raise a Glass
Beer lovers will want to stash at least a 4-pack of the traditional Guinness Draught on board. But if you’re looking for an Irish Whiskey and want to explore the higher-end side of life, check out the buzzworthy Midleton’s Barry Crockett Legacy. (And if you can’t find the liquid courage to make that delicious investment, Esquire put together one heck of a list of alternatives here.)

A Late-Night Movie
Whether you watch with a cocktail or while laying in bed, wind down your celebration with an Irish movie. This list of Irish films has something for every mood.

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