Five More Reasons to Choose American Coach

July 27, 2021

It’s no secret that American Coach RVs are the paragon of luxury. But the reasons why run much deeper than the surface-level design details, amenities, and comforts.

We put together a short list of features that prove American Coach RVs are built to be some of the safest, most driveable Class A coaches.

A Solid Foundation
Our Class A coaches are built on a fully-integrated Liberty Bridge Foundation with Freightliner’s industry-best FCCC XCM chassis and I-Beam construction, giving you a stronger foundation that carries more and handles better.

Smarter Steering
Whether you’re fighting the crown of the road or some wicked winds from the west, American Coach RVs have an incredible Select Drive Steering System—not found in most coaches—that gives you a little extra “oomph” when you need it. You tell it how much help you need and boom—smooth sailing.

Safety’s Never Been Suite-er
Every American Coach luxury RV now comes with the full state-of-the-art RoadWatch Safety Suite: adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, electronic stability control with roll stability, automatic traction control, and a Mobileye camera system, all conveniently accessible from your OptiView digital dash control panel.

Tough Brakes
Don’t make your American Coach’s brakes do all the heavy lifting alone. The BrakeSync tow vehicle braking system—now Standard in every American Coach RV—gives your coach the halting help it needs, decreasing coach and tow stopping distance, increasing the lifespan of your luxury RVs actual brakes, and is factory-installed and warrantied.

A Better Way To Watch Your Pressure
Our tire pressure monitoring system gives you even greater safety on the road and is now standard in every American Coach luxury RV. Integrated with your OptiView display system, get real-time readouts for your trailer and tow vehicle and be alerted when your tires have high pressure, low pressure, and leaks.

Safety. Stability. Luxury. That’s the trifecta of perfection you get with every American Coach luxury RV. Put yourself in one of the safest, most driveable luxury RVs in the market today.
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