Five Fantastic Places to See Fall Foliage

August 23, 2021

Like it or not, summer’s coming to a close. And in certain parts of the country, that means the return of stunning, picturesque fall foliage.

We picked five of our favorite places to see fall colors at their best. Check out the list, then plan your next trip!

  1. Brown County State Park • Brown County, Indiana
    When you’re in the Midwest, make it a point to take a trip to the Brown County State Park in our home state of Indiana to see their well-known beautiful fall colors. As one of the most visited spots in the entire midwest for fall festivities, you can also enjoy some early holiday shopping, a half marathon and farmers markets full of local fare. As a bonus – you’ll be less than 3 hours away from the REV RV Service and Repair Center in Decatur – the perfect place to get your coach in for routine maintenance or an interior update. Schedule service today!
    Plan your stop in Brown County
  2. Stowe, Vermont
    One of our favorite spots for fall foliage, Stowe is constantly hovering in the Top 5 of everyone’s “Best Places to See Fall Colors” Top 10 list, and for good reason. No matter where you stand in Stowe, you’re surrounded by a sea of stunning yellows, oranges, and burgundys as far as the eye can see. Already a highly recommended outdoor destination in general, visiting during the fall months will take your vacation to the next level.
    See Stowe
  3. Holy Hill • Hubertus, WI
    If you’re from Wisconsin, making the trek to Holy Hill is a fall tradition. Nestled amidst the farms and foliage of Hubertus, WI, Holy Hill is picture-worthy no matter where you stand, but especially from atop the scenic tower—a necessary climb for all first-time visitors. Get the full view of Wisconsin’s stunning fall colors, admire the beautiful cathedral, then enjoy a slice of pie in the cafe before you go.
    Visit Holy Hill
  4. Enchanted Circle • Taos, New Mexico
    We know what you’re thinking: Fall colors in the American southwest?!? Yup. The 83-mile drive through Taos, Eagle Nest, Red River, and Questa is a must-see destination year-round, but the fall season brings just enough color change to make the experience even more breathtaking. Turn it into a week-long trip and explore the hikes, shops, and other attractions available in each town along the 3-hour drive.
    Get Enchanted
  5. Aspen, Colorado
    How do you make a perpetually breathtaking place even more breathtaking? Visit it in fall, that’s how. That phase between summer hiking and winter skiing is the sweet spot for us. The way the fall colors begin to streak through the mountainside foliage turns the landscape into a living painting. Maybe expand your cloud storage before you hit the road. You’ll take 10x the photos on this trip.
    Explore Aspen

What are your favorite places to see stunning fall foliage? Let us know over on our Facebook page!

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