Date Night on the Road

October 11, 2021

What could be more special than road trips with the one you love? Adding date nights to your vacation itinerary.

Even if your trip is just you two, your luxury RV, and the great outdoors. Check out this list of date night suggestions, and try them out on your next adventure!

Dinner and a movie
Your American Coach was born for this kind of romantic evening. From the top-of-the-line kitchen appliances to the indoor and outdoor entertainment centers (standard on most models). Venture into town for some fresh, local ingredients, prepare a restaurant quality meal, then wind down with your favorite drama or rom-com.

Slideshow under the stars
Collect photos from every special moment throughout your time together and compile them into a slideshow. Then, take advantage of your American Coach’s exterior entertainment center (again—standard on most models), connect your laptop or tablet to the TV, and cozy up for a trip down memory lane together.

Cozy up by the fire
There are two ways to go here. If the weather’s right, grab some chairs from our parts store and snuggle up next to a proper campfire. If it’s too hot or rainy, settle inside next to the fireplace in your living area. Either way, chill some champagne in advance and make sure to have some s’mores ingredients stashed in the kitchen.

Room with a view
The beauty of owning a luxury RV is you never have to fight for a room with a view. Keep your destination a secret from your significant other and surprise them with a view worth waking up to. From Florida’s Camp Gulf Holiday Travel Park to Highway 101’s South Beach Campground, there are plenty of stunning RV park options to choose from, too.

What’s YOUR preferred RV road trip date night? Drop us a line and let us know!

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