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From luxury product sneak peeks to RV how-to videos, explore our growing American Coach RV video gallery. These motorhome videos are meant to inspire and inform. Please check back regularly as we continue to add to this gallery of RV videos.


Motorhome Review: 45-Foot American Coach Eagle

Gary Bunzer evaluates the 2016 American Eagle 45N – the interior, the exterior and its drivability. The American Eagle, made by REV Recreation Group of Decatur, Ind., is built on a Freightliner Liberty chassis and powered by a Cummins ISX15, 600-horsepower engine. Join Gary as he explores the bays, compartments and systems of the American Eagle, and points out its many standout features.

2016 American Eagle - The Embodiment of Luxury

Sometimes beauty is too understated even for the most eloquent discourse. Not even an exponential radius of expression is a quotient substantial enough to outline the elegance of the all-new, world-class design of the 2016 American Eagle. But more than beauty, the Eagle rebelliously occupies the threshold of revolutionary- technological and innovative perfection. This depth of beauty and innovation is truly un-scalable

2016 American Coach – Preview the Future of Motorhome Luxury & Technology

The American Coach is a leading manufacturer of luxury motor coaches. The brand is built on key principles of distinction, leadership, quality standards, innovation, technology, engineering, strength, and value to bring our customer's passions to life.

American Coach - Driving Your Passion

Discover why American Coach is the trusted leader in quality-engineered luxury RVs. As the luxury coach division of Fleetwood RV, Inc., a leading producer of Class A and Class C recreational vehicles, American Coach designs each motorcoach with meticulous attention to detail. Through our commitment to innovation, quality and value, we provide owners with superb engineering and sophisticated design that culminate in the epitome of luxury. To own an American Coach is to experience every journey in ultimate comfort.

American Coach - Premium Automotive Dash and Driver Convenience

Simplified controls and functions put convenience at the driver's fingertips. American Coach incorporates an intelligently designed cockpit with an automotive-like feel to increase driver comfort and confidence behind the wheel. It's all from American Coach and our integrity, reputation and commitment to driving your passion.

American Coach - Girard Awning

Innovation runs throughout every American Coach, inside and out. The newest awning on the market offers smooth deployment and protection from the sun while complementing the motorcoach's sleek exterior design

American Coach - Safety

Every American Coach is expertly engineered with safety technologies to help keep owners safe along their journeys. From lighting to mirrors to tire-pressure monitoring, carefully engineered safety elements are incorporated throughout

American Coach - Electrical Systems Video

American Coach applies cutting-edge technologies to help owners efficiently manage the electrical loads of their motorcoaches as well as protect sophisticated electronics. These systems help monitor and provide power throughout the motorcoach when and where it's needed.

American Coach - HVAC Systems

An essential part of the luxury motorcoach experience is comfort. That's why American Coach builds its products using industry-leading products that deliver efficient heating and cooling, keeping owners comfortable along their journeys

American Coach - Panoramic Windshield

The scenery outside can be truly enjoyed through a one-piece panoramic windshield. Not only does the windshield complement the design and comfort of the motorcoach, it also offers rugged durability.

American Coach - Name-Brand Components

American Coach incorporates the finest name-brand appliances and electronics in every one of its products. From appliances that offer a sleek sophisticated design to the latest technology that keeps owners connected along their journeys, the ultimate RV experience is at hand. 

American Coach - Axalta Performance Coatings

American Coach partners with DuPont Performance Coatings, which is now known as Axalta Coating Systems, to achieve some of the most brilliant finishes and high-quality coatings in the industry. The exquisite beauty of every American Coach exterior is achieved using Axalta basecoats and RV-specific clearcoats

American Coach - Molded Fiberglass Roof

Every American Coach is meticulously designed right down to its molded fiberglass roof. Not only does the seamless design enhance the appearance of the motorcoach, it also enhances durability

American Coach - Construction Video

Innovative construction techniques used in the manufacturing of an American Coach ensure it is durably built for supreme strength. For added peace of mind, every motorcoach is backed by the RV OWNERCARE warranty.

American Coach - Hardwood Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Radiating a distinctive and stunning interior design, every American Coach features hand-glazed hardwood cabinet doors and abundant storage space, keeping contents secure when traveling.

American Coach - Liberty Chassis

The iconic Liberty Chassis is the foundation of every American Coach. Built with premium components and a high-strength bridge design, the Liberty Chassis offers maximum durability and a supremely smooth ride

American Coach - AV System

Using premium components from world-class manufacturers, American Coach offers owners the ultimate audio-visual experience and the very latest navigation technology for life on the road.

American Coach - An Innovative Foundation

Introducing the third generation of the iconic Liberty® Chassis — the foundation of every American Coach. American Coach has partnered with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) to provide an integrated engineering chassis solution for the exclusive Liberty® Chassis design—durable and dependable with an impressive warranty and the smoothest ride in the industry.