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The American Coach Story

Just like your own, the American Coach journey has been filled with exciting moments, joyous celebrations, and even a few bittersweet goodbyes. As we grow, we continue to introduce new models and cutting-edge features while waving farewell to the status quo.

In our pursuit to fulfill the dreams of every luxury motorcoach owner, there is one thing that hasn't changed. Through every chapter, we've never forgotten that the American Coach story begins and ends with the passion and appreciation of our customers.

No matter what lies on the road ahead, we believe that the experience of each American Coach owner is an integral part of what makes us who we are. At American Coach, we're dedicated to building a beautiful legacy, one passionate customer at a time.

American Revolution - 2013
American Tradition - 1999
American Eagle - 2004
American Heritage - 2003



  • Fleetwood builds a new manufacturing facility, Plant 44, in Decatur, Ind. and uses the new factory to build an upscale version of the Fleetwood Limited, one of the first forerunners in the Class A diesel RV market.


  • The sleek, aerodynamic new Fleetwood Limited takes to the roads. The motorcoach's luxurious interior is outfitted with the latest technology - including power window, microwave and deluxe audio electronics.


  • The Limited Owners International Travel Club - which later becomes the American Coach Association - is formed by California couple Casey and Barbara Sturm.


  • With luxury buyers in mind, Fleetwood establishes a separate high-end line of diesel motorcoaches and calls the line American Coach.
  • Production begins on the American Eagle, which replaces the Limited.
  • The Limited Owners International Travel Club holds a rally in Indiana, and members get their first look at the new American Eagle.


  • American Coach introduces the American Dream in an effort to continue to serve customers seeking a premium motorcoach.


  • Introduction of the wide-body coach.
  • "The American Eagle and Limited" club is officially named the American Coach Association.


  • The American Tradition joins the motorcoach lineup.
  • American Coach introduces slide rooms.


  • American Coach introduces the American Heritage, with the goal of producing the highest-quality, most luxurious coach on the market.
  • American Coach attracts the attention of the auto racing industry, whose drivers and owners begin using the coaches as support vehicles.


  • Plant 44 builds an industry-groundbreaking, large-scale paint facility to accommodate the growing demand for sophisticated color schemes and full body paint.


  • The American Dream is discontinued from the American Coach lineup.
  • The entire American Coach lineup is redesigned from the ground up, featuring a new chassis, greater storage capacity, higher tow ratings, a range of slide-out floor plans and aluminum framed walls, floor and roof structures.
  • The first generation of the coveted Liberty® Chassis is introduced.


  • American Coach introduces the full wall slide.


  • Every American Coach model undergoes substantial design updates, including new front and rear caps, introduction of roof-mounted awnings, and a new low-profile automotive-style dash.
  • The American Coach logo is modernized and an American Coach emblem is introduced.


  • The American Allegiance is unveiled as an introduction into the American Coach lineup. The Allegiance lasts just two model years, as an economic recession stifles luxury sales.


  • The second generation of the Liberty® Chassis is produced, incorporating increased storage space, taller pass-through storage and new lower-emission engines.
  • The Fleetwood Revolution LE is adopted into the American Coach family, evolving into the contemporary American Revolution, and offering a new entry-point into the American Coach lineup.


  • The third generation of the Liberty® Chassis is introduced, utilizing recent second-generation mass-reducing technology updates to optimize weight and balance. Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) becomes the modular chassis component supplier.